Tonight someone threw an egg at my car while I was driving. And no, I didn't make a driving offense against them. I mean, who does that?? They were in their lane entering the freeway, and I was in my lane staying on the feeder road. Matilda is my pride and joy, so I was a little livid when I stopped and Daniel discovered the freaking egg all over my hood! What a bunch of aholes. Daniel cleaned it off with a windshield washer while I fed Matil. Then we went through the express car wash, emphasis on express. I believe the whole was was about 2 minuets long. It sprayed my car with water. Seriously?? $7 for it to spray my car with water? That was irritating.

Other than that, tonight was good. I enjoyed Thai Cottage (compliments of Daniel), and Eclipse Special Edition (compliments of Daniel).

Daniel's basically the best. I might let him date me a while longer.

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