What a girl wants...

ok. These are a few things I would love for Christmas. Things that I need.

1. I love wearing my boots, but sometimes I can't keep my jeans in check. These Jean Straps would be the perfect solution. and for less than $10!
2. I die for these sunglasses. I love the cat eye, and they remind me of the ones that Bella rocked in Eclipse when she visits her mom. Super cute!

3. It's getting cold here in Houston...well, some days it is. So I desperately need something to keep my ears and hands warm when I run. Of course Nike is my first stop to meet these needs.

**ok, it won't let me grab the picture, so you can check it out here and here.

4. I would also like some wedges for work. They give me the heights I want, but don't bother my knees and ankles as much. win/win! I like the suede ones better, but they will also get damaged faster. Size 8 please!

5. Cake Pops. I love Bakerella! She come up with the cutest ideas. This is her first book and it's full of different cake pops, direction, and tons of pictures!


So, if you are compelled to get me a gift, I would love anything, especially from the above list.

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  1. JARAGON. I didn't know you had a blog!! I just found out in analytics that you linked to me and I was like what is this IDKmyBFFJES??? HA. Why you keeping this from us?! I'd love those sungrasses on you, I say get them.