The Roommate

Dear whoever is responsible for this movie,

Thanks for making it based on my college experience, now where's my cut? No, I didn't have a roommate literally try to kill me, but still, it.was.bad. I am unable to call any of my 'pot-luck' roommates of college years past a bestie. Nope, not one. No, they were not all terrible. But most kept things ineresting. But not in a good way. More of an Ican'tbelievethisjusthappened kind of way.

Here's a quick breakdown of crazy things that various roommates did:

  • Slipped a "F*** You!" note under my door when she was drunk.
  • Drink all of my liquor, refi lit with water, and slip it back in the freezer. p.s. water freezes, liquor doesn't.
  • Come out drunk and naked when I had friends over. Yes, completely naked. 
  • Get arrested in the living room. on a week night.
I am really supprised that Rebecca was never my roommate. It's probably because I was lucky enough to avoid the dorms.

Did any crazy things ever happen with your roommates? Or do I just attract the crazies?


  1. so mandy and i requested to live together our freshman year at tx state, and they denied us. wtf? my roommate that year was awesome. my junior year i was put with a girl from south africa who shared my major and redecorated our living room while i was at work in red. our walls and furniture that came with the apt. were already sage green. i was not happy. hands down not as bad as your experiences though! HA

  2. brittany a15.2.11

    my first pot luck roommate was a whale. literally. homegirl was pushin 300lbs for sure. Well anyway, one weekend Sean came to visit and we had gotten a tres leches cake for dessert for dinner but after eating too much we decided we would just eat it later. Well we were gone the whole next day at the football game and on sunday when i went to get the cake out of the fridge for dessert after dinner IT WAS GONE. hoe at the whole thing. there have got to be a gazillion calories in an entire tres leches cake. and i know she ate it.. because we found the evidence in the trash and dishwasher.

    then when she moved out when i wasn't there she stole some of my kitchen stuff.