I made these a few weeks ago for the Superbowl. Daniel's two favorite teams were playing in the big game so he was psyched for it! Me? Not so much. My enthusiasm was based all around the opportunity to get to work on my cookie decorating skills (in progress). 

I will admit that I cheated. I used pre-made dough. oops! But the icing was all me and my mixer.

It had been a while since I had made royal icing so I forgot to tailor the recipe to the Houston area; i.e. I added the amount of water the recipe called for when in Houston you don't need that much. Lesson learned, again, and hopefully remembered this time. 

Overall, I would count it as a success. The icing was so delicious that I may have eaten some of it sans cookie. yum! 

Food Coloring: I have used Wilton food coloring in the past but have had trouble getting some colors to  come out right. I used AmeriColor with this batch and it worked like a dream! I am looking forward to using their red coloring and will update on the results soon

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