Duel Chocolate Bark

My grandma is the best cook and baker that I know. Everything is always delicious.always. One of the sweets that I remember (and love) is her chocolate bark.When I ran across this post on Bake at 350 where she had a layer of white chocolate in it, I knew I HAD to bake it! (Or make? There wasn't really any baking involved).

I did make a few slight  alterations. 
1. I used Hershey's White Chocolate chips and Toll House's Semi-Sweet Chocolate chips. (our Wal-Mart has slim picking)
2. Since those brands have a few more ounces in them, I ended up adding about 4 cups of krispies. 

I had trouble breaking it, so I used my HUGE butcher knife to cut it into little bars. Perfect!

What do you think?

I sent them to work with Daniel for Valentine's day. He was the most popular guy on the floor! They were such a success I can't wait to share them with my co-workers and friends!

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