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B and I moved into our new place, BJ House, last week and as our first order of business we decided to resurrect Recipe Klub.

Recipe Klub was first founded In October 2010 by B. She totally recipe jacked me, but I didn't mind since I was invited. Whatevs. This is also when our Noah's Ark of friendship began to form. FYI: if your name doesn't match one of ours, than you aren't invited. It's harsh but true. This is a very exclusive club.

After the first meeting we were lazy and ended up just ordering in pizza. Well not anymore, except for that one time tomorrow....

Anyway....we decided to just go with appetizers. B whipped up some quick queso and guacamole. I put some new recipes to the test and made  Crispy Parmesan Asparagus Sticks. They were absolutely delicious! I def plan on making these again, and soon. I have yet to master getting the crispy to stick as well as How Sweet Treats did, but they were still delicious!

I also made Roasted Ricotta Roma Tomatoes. For the most part they were a hit...but I didn't care much for them (I just couldn't handle the texture of the ricotta). I think next time I will make them mini sized with grape tomatoes...I'll update when that happens.

JDef showed up with cupcakes so she has now reached rKlub VIP status...don't tell the other girls.

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