Shia LaDone

I do not like my Shia LaBuff.
I do not like my Shia LaScruff.
I def don't like my Shia LaWTFiswiththatjessejameshair?

I miss the Shia from a few years back when he was a full on sexpot.

This is it. I've had enough and am ending my Shia LaCrush.

I am now pledging allegiance to Ian Somerhalder...

or maybe Steven McQueen...or maybe both.


  1. all these LaSlurs are cracking me up.

    ...but this is the first I've seen of the new hairdo, and I like it. Edgy. Nice.

  2. ooooh yes! I'm glad you share my obsession.....errr taste in TV :)

  3. you are SUCH a better blogger than me

  4. Jes - Once I got started on the LaSlurs I couldn't stop! I actually ended up editing some of them out. haha.

    Jenn - I love TVD. Are you stoked about the season finale tomorrow??

    Brit - Duh.

  5. Omg. This is the third time I have replied to your comments. Last time I even saw it post but now it's gone. Wtf??