Why yes, I would love for you to hit on me

No. No, I wouldn't.

Word of advice to the men out there; if you are old enough to be my father, please do not look at me like I'm a piece of meat. It's just plain creepy! I'm probably as old as your daughter. Gross.

And to everyone else, If I have headphones in, I'm giving out the "don't talk to me" signal.

When I worked out at Bally there was a trainer that would always hit on me. He was young and attractive, but even if I hadn't had a bf at the time I still wouldn't have been into it. It would annoy the shizz out of me. Hello, please notice that I never approach you...it's because I don't want to effing talk! I'm here to get my workout on biotch!

There was this also this guy as old as my father that would always check me out when I was lifting. creepay! This guy actually reminded me of my dad, which made it even more uncomfortable. But at least he never approached me. win!

***I honestly don't understand why I would get hit on at the gym because I would wear clothes that intentionally made me look bad. My old sweats and oversized tees were my workout staples there. I just wonder how many more hits I would have gotten had I been wearing my Nike tights and these guys could get a good look at my nice assets. It probably would have been outta control! haha.

Last week at Memorial was the worst. Bald stubby guy as old as my dad ends up pacing with me. He started with, "Do you run here often?" I kid you not. Had I not been so worn down from the heat, I probably would have cracked up. He continued to attempt a convo with me, until I just picked up my pace to get the eff outta there. I think he finally got the hint.

1. If I'm wearing my headphones, I'm letting the world know that it's not chat time. In fact, my iPod is often turned off, I just have the headphones in so people will leave me alone. (anti-social much? maybe.)
2. If you are over the age of 35, please, for the love of all that is right in the world, don't hit on me. I just can't.
3. If I'm running and have my "angry face" on, I'm obviously not in convo mode.
4. If I'm only providing you with one word answers and not asking questions in return, ummm....yeah, it's because I'm not interested and don't know how to kindly tell you to efff off.

Does this happen to anyone else? How do you keep the creepers at bay?


  1. OMG this happens to me literally all the time. I can't staaaaaand it. AND I also wear really ugly baggy clothes to the gym!!! There's this one trainer at my gym at home that without-a-doubt alwaaays hits on my sister and I when we go. We call him "creepy trainer". He's jacked to the max but his voice sounds like a 6-year old boy from all the steroids he probs takes. We put our pissed faces on so he knows not to talk to us but he always ends up coming over with one of his really stupid lines "You're lookin good; did you start a new workout class?" No you idiot I didn't now leave me alone!!! hahaha I'm glad we're not the only ones. Good plan with the headphones though!

  2. Ugh. That is the worst! I usually try to have my "bitch" face on, but it still doesn't keep the creepers at bay.