Being a stripper is hard work

The girls and I have taken two classes at Pole La Teaz these last two weeks, and they were awesome! I just figured that every girl needs a backup plan. (just kidding mom...kind of). After the first class I realized that I have a long way to go before being a successful stripper, but don't worry because with the help of groupon the journey will continue!

  • Stripper push-ups are no joke.
  • How do I bend my back into a 90 degree angle?
  • Our instructor had a "magic body"
  • When all else fails, just pelvic thrust (but not too hard, right B? haha)
  • My responses to what I hope to get out of the class: skills to score a husband (the first class), continue to uncover my inner sex kitten. rawrr (the second class). I think the instructors think I'm crazy. 
  • My "sexy" walk just looks like I'm really drunk. 


  1. Lins and I watched the "Polefessional" guy on America's Got Talent the other day, and we were talking about how hard that would be! I would find it hard to be completely serious in one of those classes, they'd probably kick me out for giggling too much!

  2. I saw that video! He was outta control. I wish I had moves like that. Yes, there are def a lot of giggles happening during class.