Harry Potter, Jesus Christ

Harry Potter was the bomb!

I love love loved the movie! so much that I saw it twice.

My love could also come from the fact that I haven't finished the book series yet (I know, I know. WTF? I'm on the 4th and can't wait to finish to get all of the deets that the movie didn't cover), so I didn't have any built up expectations, but I feel that I would have enjoyed it regardless. I had figured out a lot of it through context clues, reading spoilers from the final book, and discussions with Brit, so I wasn't really shocked by anything, but it was still great!

B and I were lucky enough to score some reserved seats at Studio Movie Grill before they sold out for the second time. This was crucial to our midnight viewing because we did not have the time or patience to wait in line. We went to B.Spears the night before so I was already tired. The game plan: get home from work, sleep 6-11, HP, sleep 3-4:30a, Bootcamp, work. And I must say it was a success. I was hardly tired during work! It did mess with my eating patterns since I had dinner/breakfast at midnight. Best burger & Sweet P fries ever! I was kinda bummed that I wasn't more energized for the premier so I had to miss the preparty and I even forgot to take my wand to the showing. Yes, I have a wand. No, it's not authentic (I had one of those that I took from my brother, but then I gave it back because I felt bad, and apparently he somehow broke it...I should have kept it). My wand is made of plastic and makes magic spell sounds when you move it. Super fun to watch the movies and cast spells along with it.

Anyway, the movie was great! I laughed, cried, OMGed, and WTFed.

  • Surprise, I'm the last horcrux. The Good News: I already found it. The Bad News: I have to go die now.
  • $3 soda - can I get three refills of this to go?
  • Harry Potter Pals video.
  • Snape and Lilly - is it bad that I almost laughed when he was rocking her dead body. I don't know, something about his anguished expression made me laugh. ( I cried the second time I saw this. Don't worry my heart isn't completely stone.)
  • "Are a lot of people about to die?" ummm....yeah.
  • I think Harry Potter is handsome, but not DanRad. It must be the glasses...
  • Why does Ron always look like he's on drugs?
  • "Hi, I'm Dumbledoor, and I'm totes going to become your BFF HP. Sorry I didn't mention the part about you being the horcrux and having to sacrifice yourself."--Dumbledor, the ultimate Mean Girl.
  • Malfoy holding his mommy's hand as they fled the scene. haha.
  • Is Harry Dead? NO Yes. Psyche! 
  • Can you honestly tell me that J.K. wasn't inspired by the story of Jesus? I'm just not buying it.
  • When Voldomort hugs Malfoy? I.Die. so funny!
and in Honor of Snape and Lilly...
"I asked her dance, she asked me to die." haha.

Everyone should seriously (in no particular order):
  1. Watch all HP movies NOW!
  2. Read all HP Books!
  3. YouTube Harry Potter Puppet Pals. Hilarious! 

Q.How many times have you seen the Deathly Hollows: Part 2? What's your favorite part? Which HP movie is your fave?

A. 2 times. It's hard to pick...I loved the Snape memory thing, Mrs. Weasley and Beltrix, "Surprise, I'm alive," HP showing up at Hogwarts and then confronting Snape, Protecting the castle for the battle. It changes, but I would go with Half Blood Prince today.

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  1. hahaha i love this blog!! you are so witty jessica diane. so witty.

    found the last "hocrox".. surprise! it's me! definitely my fav. i wanna watch it again.