It's Britney Bitch!

OR It's Britney, and she's a bitch.

Don't get me wrong, I love B.Spears. She is my home girl fo life. I even supported her through the crazy shaved head attacking people with umbrella incident. But I do have a bone to pick with her over this new tour. She keeps doin us dirty.

  1. The prices were jacked a little more from last time, so I paid the same amount, but ended up in the rafters. This I was willing to forgive.
  2. I bought our tickets presale through her fan club....then she sales them on groupon for half price. This is when I started my tattoo laser removal process because it was clear that we were going to break up. (kidding, I don't have a B.Spears tattoo).
  3. I have been to many concerts at the Toyota Center, including both times the Circus tour was there, and cameras were allowed. This time they weren't. This was only an issue because we found out as we were starting to head through security so B and I had to hightail it back to the car in the 100 degree weather. This? does not make me a happy girl.

Overall, I am glad that I went, duh! B.Spears is a great entertainer. Even though this wasn't as epic as the Circus, it was still a great experience. I will still love Brit even though I feel a little burned by her. I am so glad that Lindsey was able to come again because I love her and we have mutual love for Britney.

  • I'm a slave for you dance, or lack there of. WTF, if the BSB can do the original moves to I want it that way then you should step it the eff up!
  • no cameras? is this real life?!?
  • groupon? are you kidding me? Oh, you aren't? WTF?!?
  • Encore - it just keeps going! you think it's over, then Nicki comes out. you think it's over again? then B grows wings and freaking flies! then when it must really be over, they do the chorus again! it's never ending and i love it!
  • Nicki's backup dancers were amazing! I can't wait for Jiggle It class so I can shake it like they do. Inspired!
  • b.spear's hot backup dancer/video guy. How could she have been with the non-cute K-Fed, but not this guy?
  • Ewelina and Tracy breaking it down with the mom & son sitting next to us. I.Die.
  • Pretty sure she sang some live, but I would trade that in a heart beat for more dancing! sometimes it looked like she was just marking her step. THIS IS NOT YOUR DRESS REHERSAL, THIS IS REAL LIFE!!!
  • The funniest moment of the night? When B and I were walking back to the car to put up the cameras these two homeless guys were shouting at us that we were sexy. We just ignored them, until they commented on my tan legs and nice ass. B the enforcer came to play. She turned around and yelled at them to shut up. Their response? “No, you shut up.” About 4 times even though we didn’t ever say anything else. There for a sec I thought B was going to grab the one in a wheelchair and wheel him into traffic.
P.S. I love her new song and Video. Check it out! and yes, Mr. Hot Cop is one of her backup dancers and was there. 

Do you love B.Spears? What's your fave part of the video?

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  1. hahahaha he's LUCKY i didn't... but did you notice they didn't say anything when we walked back past after dropping off the cameras? B... THE ENFORCER