Caaabbbbs are Heeerrrrrre!

It's Jersey Shore time once again! Thank goodness because I had been having withdraws. I can't wait to see what catchphrases they are going to teach us this season.

From season's past we have acquired:
  • GTL
  • Jersey Turnpike
  • Blast in a glass
  • Grenade
  • cabs are here!
  • T-shirt time
  • dtf
  • pulling a robbery
  • and so many more!

I really think that B and I should get in contact with some MTV execs to see if we can secure a spot on the next season. (wait, I know they just wrapped the 5th season but I can't remember if they are doing more.) B and I would be great additions to the cast because:
  • we are funny
  • We have tons of catchphrases that America needs to hear about
  • Funny things usually happen to us when we are together
  • Instead of T-shirt time we have Taco Time or Mac Book Time. (I swear it would make good TV, it's when we get in most of our laughs).
  • We love to dance and have successfully executed the jersey turnpike.
  • plus we have new moves to share with the crew
  • We would be the female MVP
Seriously, living in our house is like being on Jersey Shore (except we aren't slutty) but better because we don't have creepy uncle Sitch to creep on you. And if we did, B the enforcer would put him in his place (*slap hand*. NO!).

And yes, Pauly D is my fave. He's just so funny!
What is your fave Jersey Shore quote?

Who is your fave cast member?

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