"I'm going to pee the bed."

Dear Taco Cabana guy,

I really appreciate the fact that you are working at a fast food joint so B and I can get some quick (except for tonight) delicious dinner when we are feeling lazy. I mean, someone has to work there, and it ain't going to be me! What I don't appreciate is you asking me for my order, I give it to you, you tell me to hold on for a few min, then ask me what I want again. What is that?!? Why did you ask for it if you weren't ready the first time?
TC guy: So you wanted a Big Mac, and a frosty?
Me: Seriously, you know this is Taco Cabana right? Let's go over this one more time...

I also don't appreciate you being high, therefor making you incompetent. Why did we sit at the window for 10 min waiting for our food. The parking lot is basically empty and there isn't a line in the drive thru...WTF are you doing in there?!?

That's great, but can I just get my sophapillas. We went over the order 4 times, how did you mess this up?!?

You kinda freaked me out when you got spazy when I kindly (seriously, I'm always very nice) asked for the sophapillas that I ordered but you didn't give to me. But thanks for switching out B's brisket tacos for the bean and cheese ones. It's not her fault that her eyes have failure to read the menu correctly at night. When we asked for salsa, we really appreciated your sarcasm when you asked if we would like refills for our drinks too, because we all knew that this simple transaction was taking wayyyyy too long.

And thanks for giving us 4 different bags for our food. We didn't order that much, but you sufficiently made us feel like fatties anyway.

See you again soon!


BJ House

No, But B might if you don't get us our food! B and Wayne Brady are like soul mates.

p.s. Way to go B for not yelling the F word at stoned guy! I'm glad that instead we just laughed at the situation. Otherwise I'm pretty sure he might have shanked us since he was probably on something stronger than pot. I'm glad we are alive!

And then we ended our evening with this weeks Jersey Shore ep, which was hilar and then some Mac time before B decided it was her bedtime.


  1. coke rocks are a real thing.. i checked it out!

  2. this is in no way related to this post. but, um, these homemade thin mints are off the hook. you are so good.

  3. B-hahaha.

    Jes-Thanks so much!