Chocolate Wasted

Last Friday B and I went to the Katy Perry concert. If you were wondering how it was, then please notice that she didn't get her own posting...this is awkward.

Katy wasn't bad, it's just hard to follow up our last concert experience with B.Spears and Nicki. She was entertaining and sounded amazing, but we left halfway through.

After the concert we went out to Kung Fu (lame), then Ei8ht. B got into it with the bartender because he gave us the wrong drinks and wouldn't correct his mistake without charging us for both sets. I am proud that she didn't use the F word, but maybe if she had then we would have gotten it straightened out. After that the bar tender wouldn't even take our order. What is that?!? It's not our fault you can't remember what we ordered. And then they charged my card twice. WTF?!?

I think we broke up with Ei8ht after that fun experience.

Saturday I went to the pool for a bit and then Brit called to see if she could come over with Emma.

We had so much fun! It's crazy that she had a baby. I was with Brittany from about 3-midnight and Emma almost cried once. ONCE!
We played with Emma, fed her, cut her mullet off, and went to Yogurtland.

I was so excited to introduce Brit to Yogurtland. I finally went a few weeks ago and  feel in love with the chocolate milkshake flavor and was so excite to have it again!

Unfortunately it was a limited edition flavor that was gone. I even asked the worker just to make sure I didn't miss it. My heart broke. So, I went with Vanilla Wafer and piled it high with cookies and candy! Yum! We decided that the fun shouldn't stop there, so we went to HEB and picked up some NY Strip, veggies, and wine to take back to her house.

Once we got out to Katy I basically took over dinner. I prepared the tomato, squash, zucchini shishkabobs, the asparagus, seasoned the steaks, then stuck everything on the grill.

While the food was grilling I attempted to open the wine. The first corkscrew I used broke away from the part that you turn. Cole took over with their fancier wine opener. The corkscrew broke in half. Is this for real? We gave up and ate dinner. How was it? Awesome! Duh, because I made it.

After dinner Brit was ready to get her drink on and get chocolate wasted with chocolate martinis. I don't know what happened to Brit during her pregnancy, but I guess not being able to drink for 9 months made her want it even more. She was so funny.

Cole FINALLY got the bottle opened.

And then we played Harry Potter Scene It. There's no need to even ask who won, because you already know it was me and Brit. We basically dominate all team game that we play.

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