Dear Diary: August Edition

Dear Diary,
This month went by so fast and yet so slow at the same time. It seems like forever since we celebrated my bday.

This is super long because there is a lot that I was too lazy to post about but don't want to forget about when I'm old.
I had weekly dinner with Kari, R, and Abbers. I met Kari at my first post-college job. She didn’t like me at first and even made me cry my second week, but things quickly changed. Soon we were spending our lunches together, getting mani/pedis, and emailing all day. Then she moved. We managed to stay in touch and solidified our friendship during the 2 years apart with our weekly weekend updates so that we could both stay in the happs. When she moved back we decided to quit the email and instead have our updates in person. This is great because I get to eat a delicious dinner, hang out with Abby, and share the baked goods she’s been reading about!
R, Abbers, Kari. (I jacked this from your fb, hope you don't mind!)
**Side story: Kari is a tad older than I am so she sometime switches from friend to mom mode (I think some of this came with her becoming a mom herself). Once when I went on a trip she would regularly text me to make sure I was ok and alive. When I got back from it and called to give her the update she answered the phone, "Are you safe?!?" Haha. I'm glad that she's always looking out for my best interest and she doesn't want me to be kidnapped. Thanks Kari!

Emma was baptised! Emma is the most perfect baby I have ever met. She makes me less nervous about having my own (in the very distant future), as long as they turn out like her. Every time I have been around her she is just wonderful. I have literally only heard her cry for maybe a total of 5 min. Amazing! The day before the baptism Cole & Brittany had a get together at their house for family and practically family (I made the cut after living with them for a few months. Best time ever!). So much fun! I love hanging out with C+B and their families. I wish they would adopt me in. Everyone is so nice, and Carla and Lacie are both so funny.

We ended the night with the usual guys vs. girls in Harry Potter scene it. I honestly don't know why they bother since we always win. Ok, except for that one time. When they cheated. Because they enjoyed too much wine. AND wouldn't play by the rules. Pretty sure that won't be mentioned after the severe beating we gave out. (Cole took the board away before I could snap a pic. This is from when we beat them in a different game of scene it. HP was similar, we are obvs in the winners circle but the boys were a few spaces behind where they are in the pic.)
Just like T-pain all we do is win, win, win, no matter what.
The girls and I had two Pole La Teaz classes. I’ll probably do a separate post on that. It was so much fun! (needless to say, you can often find me singing booty work while doing, well, booty work.).
B, Kat, and I attended a BBQ at Ewelina’s place. That was an experience. Apparently those boys don’t know how to grill. Next time I’m pretty sure the women will take over. Paul turned the grill on high, lit it, and left it open. If that wasn’t bad enough, the grill was really dirty so it caught on fire. The flames were higher than the grill lid. I basically smoked out my eyes when I closed it. WTF? They were also grilling the food with the lid open. WTF? This isn’t rocket science, it’s grilling! 
 This month (and most of Sept) Jes and I are going to Quality Life Fitness. We love BodyPump and BodyJam, and I occasionally peer pressure her into additional cardio via the elliptical (She does yoga before class, so I don’t always pressure too hard). We both prefer to always be in the same spot in our classes (which is the front) so much that Jes had to get a little raw with two people that tried to take my spot as I grabbed our mats. Who does that? You always see me there, and the spot is obviously being marked. Do not get in between the Jes-Jes and BPB bond. We both love this gym and might actually commit and join…that is after we finish the rest of our workout groupons we’ve been collecting! Plus, who doesn't want to visit the jungle every week?
I also baked stuff this month. Duh. This was a month of cookies. seriously, three weeks in a row. Check them out here! You might literally die from the pure deliciousness! You have been warned.

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