Last week was great.

  • I Body Pumped with Jess.
  • Had dinner with Kari, R, and Abbers.
  • Ran with Kari (if you could call it that since my legs are basically failing me at this point).
  • Kari stretched and iced me after. I'm so glad she's a personal trainer. I wish she was always there to do that for me!
  • I made the most delicious m&m cookies for my Sunday bake.
  • and then on Friday, this happened:

Friday I had plans to attend Body Flow to get my last dose of Trainer Brian in for the week, but my work day ran long (OMG, working until 5? who does that?) and I had a massive headache, so I went home for a nap instead. My plans were to hit the gym then catch up on some Jersey Shore (super excite, I.Know.). Before I knew it Rick and Kat were here, we were all getting tatted up (I got a tit tat with kit Kat), and we decided to hit up Washington.

We started at Kung Fu (despite mine and Kat's protest), played some ski ball (I may have broke Rick's hand), but ended up at Ei8ht shortly after. Luckily 8 has cycled through and wasn't ghetto this time. It was back to it's former glory! We even met a Paul Rudd look alike, well, if P.Rudd was Italian. It was nice to have Rick with us so he could keep the creepers at bay. But then he left us to find some ladies and the creepers almost kidnapped us. Ok, not that bad this time, but still.

If you try to dance with me and I give you the head shake, please move along. If you then feel the need to ask me if I'll dance with you and I say no, please move along. Do not ask me again. I'm not dtf so you are just wasting your time. Also? I don't want to get molested by your hands. Thanks, but I'm dancing with Kat, so I'm good. One more thing, don't try to talk to me. It's too loud and I don't care what your name is.

I know. I know. WTF is with this girl? It's just that I'm out to have fun with my friends, not some random guy that thinks I'm cute.

Houston cab drivers did us dirty.

Houston cab drivers? WTF is with you? Why don't you know where anything is in Houston. And don't look at me like I'm crazy when I turn on my phone GPS and she tells you where to go.

Overall, we had a great night. I even made pancakes when we got home, and they were delish!

I went to Body Pump Saturday morning and it.was.rough. But surprise, TB was teaching the class! Yay! My whole body was so beat from our 3 hour dance party the night before that I thought I was going to die during squats. Ahhhh!

Monday Jes and I body pumped and she had had her tattoo in the same place I did. And that's why were Noah's ark buddies.

How do you keep the creepers away?

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