Recession Proof

From B: (412): I don't think of it as I'm taking a pole dancing class...it's more like I'm making myself recession proof.

We'll said. I always called it my backup plan, but I like the way recession proof sounds.

The road to stripperville is a long and bloody one. Sacrifices have been made. I have lost skin off my feet, gained some new interesting bruises, and got pole burn on my hand. I haven't even started the actual pole classes yet. I can only imagine the injuries to come!

Jes, Mandy, and I have taken the introductory sampler, tie me up, jiggle it, cardio pole, and floor play.

Tie me up, tie me down. owww! This class was prob my second favorite. Who doesn't like handcuffs? We learned a really cool chair trick that I would demonstrate on the blog, but I would like to keep this PG-13ish. I don't really remember much else that happened because this was wayyyy back in June. But I remember that we had fun. My skills have gone to waste, but I will still add it to my TW Resume. Jes, however, is the bomb. She might have to teach me some of her tricks! Maybe we could have PLT class in my living room sometime. Ladies, bring yo chair over because ours are too tall and we will probably fall off and die. And there is nothing seductive about that!

Jiggle it. Probably my fave. It is impossible to not have fun when you are jiggling it for an hour. We had no idea we would sweat as much as we did. We were disgusting by the time we left. We tried to show the RKlub girls some of the skills we learned, but they weren't really digging it. Whatever. Their loss. I'm starting to have withdraws because I noticed I was singing Booty Wurk all last weekend and well, doing booty wurk. This would be wayyyy less awkward if it wasn't grocery shopping day. To the guys that saw me in the butter aisle, you're welcome.

Cardio pole. 75% of the class was an actual workout. This would have been fine had Jes and I not attended bootcamp that morning. I was a little beat down. Ok, I was totally sore and wanted to die. As usual I manned up and got to it. Jes and I were pole partners. Things were going along painfully enough until she made us do pole climbs. I was an utter failure. I felt like I was back in elementary school all over again being forced to climb the rope (which I could never do). ugh. I tried so hard, but it was def working against me that my whole body was slick with sweat. I had interesting bruises on my arms from that little excursion. When doing pole body rolls Jes said it was like we were having sex...together. Haha. What made it even better is that the music cut off right as she was saying the "sex together" part. I.Die. from laughter! We ended this session with pole spotlighting. I may have opened up with the robot. Next time Jes and I decided we'd bring some $$ to take turns making it rain. haha.

Floor play. You are dead to me. I am not a fan. Every bone that protrudes out of the front of my body was injured at some point during class. I haven't mastered body rolls while laying at a 45 degree angle. It was frustrating. About halfway through Mandy asked if we could leave, but we decided to stick it out. I kind of wish we would have left. ha. Despite wearing tights, my body still wouldn't slide on the floor. If there is a next time, I will def wear socks because the slides took the skin off of my feet. Yay!

Despite the failures, we have had many success (see booty wurk and tie me up)! Hopefully soon I can convince the girls to commit to Pole 1! (Jes, Mandy - hint, hint!)

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