Last weekend I helped Daniel move out of his apartment. The place that was also my home until I had to moved out about 6 months ago.

It felt weird. I cried a bit.

Even though we've been broken up for a while and we are friendsish, sometimes I'm still caught off guard by it.

It was sad to see the apt practically empty. I can still remember when we first looked at it, signed the lease, and moved in. Everything was so different then. Hopeful. Optimistic.

I don't recall crying when I moved out. Maybe it's because I had 3 months of living with Cole and Brittany to adjust to the idea. I don't know.

It's sad saying goodbye to the only place in Houston that has ever felt like home.

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  1. That must've been really hard, I'm sorry you had to even help him, that's not any fun. :(