Dear Houston Taxi Drivers,

I kinda hate you.

Tonight we had a good driver...or so we thought. He took us straight home, didn't get lost, such a good time. Until I whipped out my check card to pay. He kinda freaked out and gave B and me attitude about how we were wasting his time paying with a card because this is the time when the clubs are closing and people are wanting a ride. Uh, it's effing 1:20. The bars don't close until 2. I think you'll be fine taking a few min. to run my card. Unless you want this to be a free ride, shut the eff up and process my card.

He then proceeded to tell us that if we got mugged we would get the crap beat out of us since we didn't have cash. Seriously? At this point I looked at B and asked if she thought he was going to attempt to rob us next. WTF?

When B got out she slammed the door while I waited for the receipt. He looked at me and asked why she would do that. I told him it's because she's really strong and forgets. What I wanted to say was you are being a DB so you are really lucky she didn't just yell at you for the way you are treating us. It's not like we are trying to pay with monopoly money or anything! geez!

Then he went on about how he could call the cops on us...blah, blah, blah. Really? Because she slammed your door? I don't feel that they are going to do anything, especially since you are kind of harassing us.

It's times like this when I really appreciate NY cab drivers. They never gave B and me any trouble. Houston needs to get it together!

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