"I've Got Skills"

Not me. Please, that would be a lie.

That's what Dad would always say when Andrew and I would play basketball with him when we were little.
Pretty sure Dad always won. Always.

One of my fave memories that Andrew and I used to tease Dad about is when Dad was doing some fancy dribbling saying "I've got skills" and then he tripped.

For the last few years (probably more than a few, but I can't remember) Dad hosts a basketball night every wednesday and anyone can come play as long as they pay a dollar. He had invited me before, but I always passed because I don't have basketball coordination.

This holiday break I decided would be a good time to finally go, and I thought Marshall would have fun.

We were there for three hours and I only got to play one game. You have to shoot to make the team, and I couldn't make the 3 pointer my first 3 rounds of trying.

Being Larry's daughter did get me offers to join the team, but I didn't feel right about not earning it. Well, I finally earned my spot after the fourth game was over. During my game I managed to get the ball 3 times, panick all three times, get an elbow to the face, and have a 7th grade steal the ball from me. Yeah, still not cut out for the game.

After everyone left I played 21 with Dad and beat him. Probably for the first time ever.

Then Marsh wanted to play 1-on-1. It got a little rough. He basically connected his elbow with every part of my body: nose, chest, ribs, etc. Yeah, he beat me...literally. Maybe he was taking out his agression since I pointed out our matching outfits of black shorts and white v-neck tee's. We were so adorbs. :)

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