I Love Blizzards!

This kind:
Not that kind:

I only got one kind of blizzard this week, and unfortunately it wasn't from DQ.

Obviously it doesn't look too crazy And I really don't think it was. But it was crazy enough for my Dad to be called out to work (no, not to fix roofs), the highways to close, and us to be stuck in Sunray.

Stuck in Sunray isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's just that I've been in town since Friday and I haven't gotten to see my grandparents or Dad yet.

Dad said it was still too icy for me to hit the highways today, but Marsh and I plan to head to Dalhart around lunch tomorrow. If it's still too icy, then I'll throw him on my back Edward style and make a dash for it.

Yeah, I might be able to get about a block like that so I guess we'll have to take turns.

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