A Love Like Allie & Noah

Is what I have with Donut Stop.

Extreme? Maybe. A little OTT? Ummm, have you met me? Then you shouldn't be surprised.

No, I don't literally write DS love letters, because that would be crazy. But I do miss it. Shipley's just doesn't compare. Part of that whole situation is the fact that no matter how early I go I can never get a fresh cherry donut. WTF Shipley's? Plus the flavor is a little off.

Whatever. The last three times I came home this year I wasn't able to schedule a donut date. But with the Christmas break, the time has finally come!
I had a wonderful reunion dinner with a few of my bests: Ashley, Kayla, & Kara. Followed by a sleepover at Kara's. Then a late morning donut date. Late because she sleeps forever. FOREVER!

Oh how I've missed you.
I told Kara that my trip to DS was like two lovers reuniting after being apart for a year, so it was likely to get NC17 up in there, so she should probably avert her eyes. Luckily Kara's been a BFF since HS so she doesn't judge when I say crazy things.

Also, how can she judge when having me take pictures like this:

And Can someone please explain to me why I look almost identical to my 16yr old dl picture?

**side note: went to the Sunray grocery store with Mom and she introduced me to someone she knew. The lady asked me if I was 17. Flattered, but no, I'm 25. Hopefully I'll look young forever!

She also recorded me singing my cherry donut a love song. Can you blame me? Look at those beauties.
It was A Thousand Years by Christina Perri with just a few alterations to the lyrics. The video is on fb, but I can't get it to save so I can post it here. But you are seriously missing out.

We also had some delicious donut holes. This are like little circles of heaven.

I can't wait for my next Donut Stop date with the girls later this week!

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    Hahahahhahaha I love it