The Night Was Lit

11/11/11 - Energizer Light the Night 11k.

Kari, R, and I ran this together. Well, not together together since they are a tad faster than I am...but we rode together.

The race was pretty cool since it was at night and we all had these goofy head lights we are to wear. I accidentally had mine on upside down, whatever.

This was one of the first cold nights in Houston, so we decided to switch into our race shirts since they had long sleeves. We went to line up so we could do the warm up lead by the Energizer Bunny, but he didn't come out, so R started warming up even though we had about 45min until the start. He wanted his heart rate to already be at workout level when he started. I'm not sure if that was a good idea, but he was all about it.

When it was about 10min to race time Kari and I started warming up. Everyone was pretty spread out, so I started warming up my hips with some leg swings. When I took my leg back for the 5th one, i kicked a kid. Yeah, I'm the worst person in the world. I wasn't looking behind me because there had been space and I was doing then one after another, so I don't know why her mom walked her into my foot. I apologized and she looked scared to death.
Kari and Me before the race.

The Start time came and went without us starting. I was starting to get a little irritated because I was ready to get this over with! My legs had been giving me trouble, so the faster I got going, the faster I got going home! 15min after it was supposed to start they brought out the Energizer Bunny to lead a warm up. I yelled "Are you serious right now?" really loud and everyone around me turned and stared. That was kinda awkward, but seriously? It's not my fault that people didn't show up to the 4 other packet pickup times so they are holding us down now!

Anyway, once we got started I was able to get my endorphins flowing and I relaxed. It was cool to see all of the lights on peoples heads, and the bunny ears too. I didn't like that the course was two loops, and the same course we had ran our Monster Mash 15k on (three loops. kill me.). But I would def do it again.

It ended up being a pretty good run with my time being 1:01:04.


  1. You are a the epitome of Murphy's law hehe, hope the kid is okay :)(And does it make me a bad person for laughing?.....because I totally had a mental picture of some poor kid getting donkey kicked!)

  2. haha. After I got over the shock of kicking a kid, I was def laughing!