Toast Masters: The Jes Way

As previously mentioned, I joined because my manager thought it would be good for all of us.

I'm not really into making up fake speeches to practice for fun. I already did that, it's called college.

Anyway...My plan is to basically be a member forever with giving minimal speeches. I will do this by always volunteering for tasks each week and participating in table topics (when they don't ask lame questions about politics) so they feel like I'm giving speeches since they always see me in the front.

Good plan, right?

Oh, you don't think so. Well, it's working pretty good so far!

The first time I volunteered to be an evaluator we had a lot of no shows, so I was the only one. I won "Best Evaluator" by default. When they announced the awards, I did my best Taylor Swift shock face, then  accepted by saying something cheesy that I already forgot.

This week I was the evaluator again, and had some competition. This time we voted and I won "Best" again. When it was announced, I promptly raised the roof, accepted with a handshake and a thank you to the group, then when I got back to my seat I dropped it on the table with a "boom." When Stacy and I left Toast Masters I told her that I probably looked like a sore winner. Oops. I'm really not, I just do that stuff for mine and Stacy's amusement. I probably won't win again.

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