Potato, Potatoh. Tomato, Tomatoh. Germany, Russia.

Wait, What?

Apparently my geography is a little rusty.

This week was just absolutely wonderful!

We had MLK holiday on Monday so I spent my morning cleaning my room and closet. Then I spent the afternoon with Brittany and Emma. She is such a doll. I swear when I'm near her I hear "tick, tock. There goes my baby clock." Yikes! It freaks me out a little bit.

Tuesday was my first day in the Houston office. I wasn't too worried about it since I already knew most of my coworkers. I took Oreo brownies - they were a big hit. I know that probably seems odd, but I had already been baking and sending stuff with B since we moved in together, so it was probably expected. I always figured I'd bake my way into a man's heart, but instead I think I baked my way into a new fab job. Whatever works! After work I met Jes for some good ole BodyJam. I swear I become more uncoordinated everyday, but it was still so much fun! Then Jes and I got on the treddy for some running. I ran before class because I knew Jes wouldn't be keen on going for too long. I set her speed and threw some encouraging words at her while I was on the next treddy. I was so proud of Jes! She did .85 miles and only yelled "I hate running" once or twice. She will do great things!

Wednesday we moved to our new bomb.com office. The building is super chic and the office is fresh to death! I die at the awesomeness happening in there! After work I went to BodyPump...errr the last 20 min of it because I was stuck in traffic. Jes had set my station for me, otherwise I wouldn't have gone in. I looked like such a dbag walking through the class way late. haha. After class B and I went to Wild West with Adam and Twilight. SO much fun! Adam is as good a dancer as I am good looking. haha. Kidding, I'm not really that stuck on myself. But seriously, he's pretty good. Twilight wasn't too bad either. But he does a lot of circles, which can cause dizziness, so don't close your eyes! I had the best time and can't wait to go back! Hopefully we can make this occur on the reg. I do need to get boots because dancing in my heels may have caused me to strain my hamstring.

Thursday morning I was greeted by my stained hamstring when I got out of bed to snooze my alarm. I spent the morning with my foam roller and icy hot to get my old bag of bones body working again. Then off to work! I am getting better at navigating my way to, now if I can get down the navigation from.
I left this little gem for B at her desk:
Once she realized he didn't really come out of me, she thought it was pretty funny. Then we had this incident. I ended my day at the gym and chatting it up with S+J.

Friday was club lunch day, so I met up with the coworkers that evening to hit up Washington. I'm really lucky to work with such great people. B was tired so she came home at the time I was going out. It's great that since I'm officially in the mix that I can go even when she doesn't want to. But she was def missed. Shenanigans ensued as always.

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