It All Started When I Was Born With A Mental Disorder Called Effing Crazy

The other night during couch time I asked B what we were going to do about Valentine's Day this year. She kinda looked at me like I was crazy.

The thing is I've had someone to celebrate with for 8 of the 9 last years, so I feel like I needed a plan.

I asked B if I could send her flowers at work. She said that would be fine.

BUT then I had an even better idea! I told her instead I would send myself flowers and sign the card from a cute boy at work. I would get them, act shocked and say "OMG boy, I had no idea you felt this way. I'm flattered, but this is kinda awkward since we work together." Naturally we both found this hilarious (don't judge me) and started to work up all of the scenarios.

B said she would do the same thing, but sign the card Jake so she could say to him that McCall (his fiance) is her friend, and that is not ok.

I'm glad B thinks I'm funny and not crazy when I come up with stuff like this.

Same with Jes when I give her recaps of convos such as this little gem:
  • I wonder if he knows that I was really asking if he wanted to fall in love this weekend? Either way, he said "We can def hang out." I read that as, I love you even though I don't really realize that yet, but my life is empty and meaningless without you so maybe we should just get married.
To which she responds:
  • But I'm sure that's exactly what he meant!!!!

Yeah, it is def going to take a special guy to date me.

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