Work Them Hips, Run Girl

Errr....I'll stop the lyrics of that song right there.

Moving On.

Kari and I finally ran our Run Girl Half Marathon. I say finally as if we had been working on this forever, but really on 12 weeks or something. It was a tumultuous 12 weeks for my legs. I had some shin splint problems before the training began, so I went to the doctor where I paid way too much to get an xray that didn't tell me anything and the advice of maybe I just shouldn't run if I don't want to hurt. Seriously? $350 for that shiz?

Anyway, I took off 4 weeks leading up to the training so the unexplained inflammation would be under control. Things started out pretty well, but every couple of runs would be a run from hell in which I wanted to cut my legs off at the knees. So I cut out one running day a week to help and I slowed down. As much as I don't like to go slow, it really helped. Anyway...things were going decent. I ran our two practice races, the 15k & 11k, with little to no problem. Things were looking good. But when Andrew died, it made things harder. 1. I was in and out of the panhandle where it was too windy to run. I just couldn't adapt. 2. I just felt like the motivation had been knocked out of me.

I finally pulled it back together! And by that I mean I ran a handful of times in the next 4 weeks. I had considered quiting because I felt under prepared and I couldn't get the inflammation under control in my legs. Dad told me that I shouldn't worry about my performance because the true winner is the person that has the most fun. Really Dad? Only people that suck at stuff say that. And I will have fun, if I'm performing up to my standards.

Well, I did it. And on 4 hours of sleep. (I really require much more sleep than that, or at least some day naps, but my weekend schedule didn't allow for it.) I showed up at Kari's house at 5:16a and she asked me if I seriously took the time to put makeup on that morning. No. No I didn't. I just had failure to remove my eye makeup the night before since I got in after 1, but I did wash around it. Please.

While waiting for it to start I gave my legs a pep talk that I can't really share on the blog due to the content. I was slow and steady...then slower. But I finished. I ran the whole thing except for the water stops. I still haven't mastered running and drinking. I usually get it up my nose, down my body, everywhere except in my mouth. Or what does make it in my mouth I choke on. Obviously not a good situation.
Am I pleased with my time? Given my janky leg situation, I will take it. But I wouldn't say I'm necessarily proud. Hopefully they will start acting right so I can pick my pace back up.

After the race Koala provided massages. Of course I got the only table with two people that both happened to be guys. What do I want when I'm all sweaty and sore? Strange men rubbing on me, obviously. When Kari asked me what I had worked on I told her my hip flexors. Kidding. I really don't want strange men getting that personal with me. But seriously, my calfs and quads. I couldn't stop laughing when they were rubbing my quads. It was awkward.

I have taken about a month off from running with hopes that my legs will reward my patience with a much faster race time. Can't wait for Kari and I to pick our next goal!

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