2011 - The Year Of The Grey Goose

This year was full of surprises...mostly bad ones.
  • The Breakup
  • Andrew's death

But there were also some really great parts!
  • Mom's Wedding
  • The last time I saw Andrew
  • New York - Three Times
  • FBerg
  • Brittany &Cole birthed Emma, or rather Brittany did.
  • 4th of July weekend with S+J & Marc
  • Kari+R+Abbers moved back!
  • 25th bday
  • Working out with Jes - Pole la Teaz, Define Body & Mind, boot camp, and joining Quality Life Fitness!
  • Concerts - B.Spears, Gaga, Colbie Caillat, NKOTBSB, St.Vincent, Katy Perry
  • Living with Brittany - Adventures of BJ
  • I had so much fun at work this year because of my lovely coworkers - it was basically girls club for the last few months.
  • Christmas - lots of family time and saw my CHS girls!
Despite the crappy parts, 2011 was still pretty good. I just can't wait to see what will happen in 2012!

P.S. Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to read this year! I hope that you have been amused...or at least not terribly bored.


Your BFF Jes

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