Daddy FTW

OK, I actually call him Dad.

I went to NY for a week long training a opted to stay the weekend because 1. I love NY and 2. I had been kinda seeing a boy there.

Well I ended up coming home Friday instead of Sunday...Of course there is a story behind that, but I'm not going to put anyone on blast.

When the change occurred I:
  1. Called B to vent. I think my angry calm freaked her out.
  2. Started working on a backup plan.
  3. Decided I wasn't in the mood to spend the weekend alone in the city so I called Dad for help. (Yes, I still call my parents when things go bad and I need bailed out, like that time I went to jail...just kidding that never happened. No really, that was a joke, I've never been arrested.)
When Daddy Dearest asked me what was wrong I burst into tears. That was super awkward for both of us. It kinda caught me by surprise that I was crying upset. Anyway, Dad offered to either cover my hotel for the weekend, or my flight home after work. I went with the flight because I thought it was best to get the heck out of there before my words turned into daggers.

The moral of the story is this: it's not always easy being a single girl in a world full of aholes, and that's why God gave us Dads.
Fo Life

Also - shout out to the man older than my father that hit on me most of the way home. Sir, if you had children, they would probably be older than I am. Also? You thought I was a freshman in college. Don't be so creepy.

Don't worry Mom, I love you too.

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