We're Going to Skate to One Song, and One Song Only....

Jes: What's that song?

Oh, never mind.

B, Jes, Mandy, and I went to the roller rink. It was such a blast!

We started out with roller skates, but then upgraded to roller blades after two hours and some pizza. Yes, we were the only people there over the age of 13...that didn't have kids (except for Rodger the Roller Rink King). Whatever, we had fun.

I busted on the first lap. Right on my knee that I busted on some stairs Friday night. WTF?!? I wanted to cry, but realized how awkward that would be since I was surrounded by children that didn't cry when they fell.

Things got really fun once we switched to the blades! Jes and I got our Apollo Ono on (it's at the 39 sec mark).

They didn't do the limbo like they used to back when I was a kid (geez, that was a looonngg time ago). BUT they did have a few skating races! Jes and I got second place in the Scooter Race (see fb for the video). I was in the front, so I basically just let Jes push me around the loop and try not to fall. I got 3rd place in the backwards skate. That was rough. I hadn't remastered that from childhood, but I still placed!

Jes and I have every intention of owning all races next time...except for the guy's race because we obvs don't qualify for that.

Mandy & Jes did a great job not falling, while I had 2 whip outs, and B had 1.
The concession prices were out of the 90s, so we got a pizza. It was surprisingly delish!

Mandy & B cut out around 4:30, but Jes and I shut it down.

That evening the pain started to set in. My back, neck, knee, and everything else hurt from the falls. But I still can't wait to go back again and show those middle schoolers what's up!

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