"We All Look Like We're Doing The Walk Of Shame." - Taffan

Hands down a top 5 weekend.

Me, Taffers, Marina
The America's division of the company all met in NY for our annual meeting. The weekend started a little after 5am Friday morning when Allan and Ewelina picked me up on the way to the airport. I had hardly slept the night before due to packing procrastination and a mixture of nervousness and excitement that kept me awake. I was basically passed the eff out on the airplane tray table for all but the last 30 min of the flight.
  • AGM awesomeness (company growth plans = amazing) and mild awkwardness
  • "I don't want her to have my number."
  • "Hey Jes, come to our room. I want to show you something...No, it's not a shot! Would I lie to you?" Yes it was, and yes you did Jake.
  • RDV = great time with the coworkers.
  • I'm glad B is my little bird so I can easily carry her home at the end of a raging night if she happens to twist her ankle.
  • Tripping out of the elevator with B in my arms and managing a spin move so she landed on me instead of vise versa. We then laid there for about 5 min laughing. Welcome to the company Chandani!
  • Getting back to the hotel at 1am - I'm sitting in bed half asleep and removing my makeup when Taffs and Brian bust in so she can swap heels for flip flops and head to another bar. Of course the dance party must live on, so I threw on my keds and went with them. They went great with my dress.
  • "You two need to stick together because it's not safe here!" - being the innocent lambs when entering the wolfs den at Tonic.
  • Piggy back rides from Brian.
  • Pictures in Times Square at 3am.
  • "So, did you bang Fitoussi last night?" - 1. No. 2. I don't even know your name, so 3.Did you really just ask me that? 
  • Adventures with Brian - SS happens...and then you get a free JetBlue flight!
  • "If I levitate, do I have you in the bag?"
  • "Jes is my baby bear, and if you hurt her, I will cut you." Actually, that's B's way of saying "I know what you did, and I will break my beer bottle and cut your throat." Oh wait, I think she did say that too! haha.
  • Taking B back to Buttercup Bakery.
  • Dog Piles - "I feel like I'm 17 again!"
  • Pre date girl time with Taffs, Marina, and B (who was taking a nap)
  • Date night with Marc = swoon
  • Marc's HP pick up line -> Dear Diary, I think I just feel in love...
  • Cab rides with Taffs and Brian.
I wish that once a month we could all move into a hotel for the weekend because we have such a blast together! I also wish Marina lived in Houston so we could make her hang out with us every weekend! The only thing that was missing this weekend was S+J, Shake Shack, and Crumbs...next time....def next time.

Jake, Max, David 


Rick & Brian
Taffers & Me (check the flip flops and keds...too bad you can't tell that we are wearing party dresses under those coats)
Amanda & Brian
Me, Taffers, B
Jake, Marina, Brittni
Me & B
Buttercup Bakery has rice krispies almost as good as mine!

I feel that maybe the company should add this to the notes about our meetings from now on.

How not to pick up a girl and probably get nut punched:
  • Tell her you don't know why she acts like she's not going home with you, when she is...even though she ended things a few days earlier.
  • Pop her bra clasp open at the bar - way to keep it classy.
  • Leave the bar without saying bye, then call her an hour later to see if she's coming over. Then hang up on her, twice. Oh, and make sure you don't apologize the next day when she calls you out for being an ahole. (again, this is why we have Dads)
and a few more pics:

Buttercup Bakery
B and her fave cupcakes

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