A year ago Daniel surprise broke up with me. At this point it's just tomato, tomatoh. (I'm over the bitterness and anger about 99.99% of the time).

When we were dating we didn't really do the whole gift thing on the anniversary. I think that was even my idea. It's just too much pressure, and I preferred to have some of his time instead of something that sparkled. Oh, but I do love flowers, and that totally doesn't count as a real gift...future reference to my future boyfriend.

Anyway, now that it's a breakupiversary I decided to celebrate with gifts for myself...mostly because I spend enough time with me as it is, so I didn't really need any more of that...and I was already buying this stuff anyway, so I decided to make an occasion about it.

In honor of this, I even sent Daniel a gift request. He rejected that and probably thinks I'm crazy - I prefer the term eccentric. We maintain a friendship of sorts, so it's really not that crazy for me to ask him for things. What I mean by that is we still talk, so I'm not calling him out of the blue asking for stuff. In fact, this is probably the most normal request I've made yet. The others included ex-girlfriend support, him paying off my student loans (this was part of our together forever plan, so I was trying to work it into the breakup settlement), paying off my car (why not?), etc. I just figure that the answer is always 'no' if you don't ask, so why not ask anyway to try and get a yes? (I also do this with my Dad sometimes...I don't know why he won't agree to send me daughter support so I don't have to work? Don't be so selfish with your hard earned money, Dad!)

At first B was looking at me like I'm crazy. But then she loved the idea and I think she's going to celebrate her noniversary (another event that I celebrated back in July) by buying herself presents too!

This day also marks my 2 month anniversary at my new job and B and I are still loving working together! (I haven't seen you in 10 minutes!)

Don't worry, I won't always celebrate this anniversary, and I do hope to have real anniversaries someday...sooner than later.

Do you try to turn any occasion into a celebration? Or is that just me?

On a scale from 0 to Lindsay Lohan, where do you think I rank with the crazy?

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  1. OMGosh... nothing like Lindsey Lohan! I think your craziness is so healthy. It isn't because you come by some of it naturally. :) I like the way you turn things positive. I also wish I had money to blow when I had my heart breaking years, I would have felt better buying myself gifts too. LOL. But I did have my wonderful children, which were better than anything money could buy. I love you for being you! I am so proud that you are MY daughter <3
    Come see me sometime :)
    Love, love, love you,