The Ultimate Goal Is A Back Flip Off The Pole


Adam, you be talking loco, but I like it!

When I got home from the gym B and Adam were having dance practice in our living room! I can't believe I forgot that he was coming over for this.

He taught me the pretzel and we worked on the flip.Oh, the flip.

*flashback time*

My Jr. year in high school is the first time I encountered the flip. Seth was my partner for the guy/girl pep rally, and apparently had no strength whatsoever (sorry Seth, but it must be true if you can't life a 120lb girl)! He dropped me mid flip so many times that I'm surprised I'm not seriously more damaged. I was traumatized for life! The next year I asked Lance to be my partner. He was basically everything that a partner should be: super cute and strong. He flipped me and threw me in the air with little to no effort. It was the best.time.ever! It was so nice to finally have a sturdy guy to flip me without dropping me on my head!

I don't have pictures of the flip, so these'll have to do.
Me & Lance. Best Partner Ever.
Partners in the back: Mikal, Robert, Matt, Lance, Travis, Jason, Luka, & Hubbel
Sr. cheer girls in the front. Role Call: Shanna, Lindsay, Me, Ashlee, Kara.
Well, it's been almost 8 years since then, so now I'm super nervous to do that kinds of stuff. When I was first talking to Adam about the flip I had to make sure he was aware that I weight probably 30-40 lbs more than B, so it was going to be an adjustment. I really figure that I could have told him I weighed 300lbs and he would have been like, yeah, sure, no problem...as he flips me onto my head. But I decided to trust Adam, and he actually flipped me with no problem...other than my body not wanting to act right. On the last flip we did, my body tried to spin out of it and I almost kicked him in the head. I honestly don't even know how that happened. But I told Adam that I'm more than willing to learn whatever he requires as long as he'll work with me on it and keep taking us to WW.
I told Adam I wasn't ready to level up, so we stuck with the pretzel. B couldn't help but laugh at me. She said my expressions were funny and that I looked like a ballerina since I was on my toes. My facials go through a few stages: concentration, joy (when I'm getting it right), then so much happiness that I start laughin (and messing up).

We were looking up video's for some more moves when we came across this:

And I fell in love! I told Adam that this was the new goal...along with the back flip, I suppose.


  1. Totally not impressed, now if they did that shiz all in one take then maybe I'll retract my statement hahaha! :)

  2. You run a hard bargan! I'll have to work on it and do it in one take! haha. Actually we started using the flip cam during practice...so I'll probably post some of that eventually...nothing too impressive though.

  3. Total flashback...good times! Good luck flipping :)