Every Day I'm Shufflin

My shuffle. I can't workout without it. I can't get ready in the morning without it. I can't make it through the day without it. I.can't.live.without.it!

During BodyPump, the music is provided, and most days it's good. But every now and then I find myself giving Brian the "WTF is this music, and how do you expect this to get me pumped?" face.

That face is a slightly softer version of my "You said we could handle more weight but now I can't lift my bar" face. Just ask Jes, that one could kill. In those moments, I wish I had snuck in my shuffle.

Anyway, when I'm doing cardio, running, or anything else, I need some jams to keep me pumped.

If I'm going on a long run I'll set up my play list to be 3 upbeat songs, then 1 mellow. This helps to give me a mental break because my breathing can often get caught up in the fast beats.

So what am I listening to now? I'm glad you asked because I have picked out a few of my faves so they can become your faves too! You're welcome.

  • Louder Than Words (feat. Niles Mason) [Radio Edit] - David Guetta & Afrojack

A few more?

If you don't already have those, you should get them now! I download mostly from Amazon. Their songs are usually a little less and they have loads of good deals on whole albums. Why pay more when you don't have to?

Any good song suggestions? Please share!

Now that we have music covered, don't be lazy and go work out!

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