Give Me My Face Back!

Back during the summer I went to Finish Strong to get some new running kicks. I've been in the shop a few times before, but it had been a while. The owner was helping me and started asking me about how school was going. At first I just thought he was assuming that I look young so I'm probably a student, when I told him I had graduated a few years back he started saying things about how he thought I was at Uof H and last time I came in I was still in school. Yeah, that must be someone else.

The next time I went in was March. He started asking me about school again. Right off the bat I told him that he's mixing me up with someone else and he did that last time too. He looked so confused and asked me if I usually shopped at the other location because he swears it's me/I'm her/whatev.

Now I'm curious as to who this other girl is that has my face!

THEN when I was at the cook-off, S introduced us to some guy that he knew. What does he say to me? Something about how he's already met me before, and how have I been? Say what? I don't know you Sir. He was like "yeah, you are friends with so-and-so." I just looked confused like maybe I have a whole other life that I'm living and not realizing. He told me that he swears I look just like this other person that he knows.

WTF? I wonder if it's the same girl that Finish Strong guy knows too. I should have asked for her name so I could google and Facebook stalk her.

The moral of the story is someone has my face, and it isn't just me. Be careful, she could be armed and dangerous. Or not as cool as me, whatever.

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