Have You Seen Hunger Games Yet?

Me: Uhhhh...have you met me? I've already gone two times!
BriBri: It just opened on Friday.
Me: Yeah, I know.


Naturally I purchased my tickets for opening day well in advance. I skipped the midnight showing (never again!) and went to an 8pm Friday showing instead. Studio Movie Grill.Reserved Seat. Boom. Oh and Jessica made these awesome shirts, so I HAD to have one of those. Seriously, how awesome are these shirts!
I don't get too crazy with my dressing up, so I wore that and my Katniss braid...which I wear a lot anyway, but this time it was in tribute to her. Who did I go with? Myself. Is that weird? Maybe. I get a little intense and overexcited for movies like this, Twilight, and HP, so I may have gotten a few looks from the people on either side of me. I can't help it that my friends aren't into awesome stuff like this!

The second time was impromotu date night with S+J. After pump Jes said she didn't feel like cooking so she wanted to go to go to SMG instead. I told her that if her+S went to something good then I would either invite myself along or just show up and sit a few seats down from them. After looking at the movie times the only thing that worked was Hunger Games. Lucky me!! I told her it was good, she hadn't read the book (gasp! I know.). I may have taken a few short naps because I can't handle late movie showings especially during the week. BUT I still loved it after the second time! Jes liked it too. I think Steven just thought it was alright. Whatevs. This was the first opportunity I had to discuss with someone who had watched it, so I was super hyped. I even went into the book info, which they were probably wishing I would stop, to explain some of the parts and continue to show them how amazing it was!

I was supposed to go with Kyle and Croc on Thursday, but I was so tired I had to cancel. :( Sorry guys, but I was literally in bed by 9.

What can I say, when I like something I really commit to it! I'm like this in all areas of my life whether it's stuff like Harry Potter/Hunger Games/Twilight, hobbies (going to the gym, WW, PLT, baking), or relationships.


  1. I read the book the weekend before the movie came out so it was all really fresh before Taylor and I went to see it on Monday. It was good, but I didn't like how they didn't really explain some stuff as well as the book did :) I looooove that shirt, it's so cute!

  2. I agree, some things did need more explanation!