Baby I'm A Be Your Motivation

This weekend was so good....with the exception of the whole missing my 5k thing. Whatever. (Yeah, I'm obviously sometimes a little delayed with my posts.)

Friday night I stayed in and watched a little DVR.

After missing the race on Saturday, I got in a solid 5 miles then a really good BodyPump session followed up by some stationary bike with the Hunger Games. The afternoon was full of errands and napping.

Saturday night? Oh, you know, I got super crazy organizing my room and doing this:

I'm still rusty since I started reteaching myself from my 8 year hiatus, and I had been neglecting lately...Yeah, totes not like riding a bike.

Sunday. Oh, Sunday. It was almost the perfect day.

Since I stayed home Sat night I was able to get adequate sleep! I can't even remember the last time I slept in...and by slept in, I mean 8am. I got up, did some laundry, then hit the park. 

The weather was perfect. Mid 60s, low humidity. Perfection. I've been working my legs pretty hard lately between adding in more running and miles, and increasing weight in bodypump, so I didn't get in as many miles as I was planning. But it was so beautiful I wasn't even upset by it.

Then I made it to BodyFlow. I'm so glad my gym now has Sunday hours (seriously? Yes, seriously.)! I never make time to do flow during the week because it's offered too late and I'm ready to get home, so I'm psyched that I can work it into my Sundays! Then I did more of this:
I love that The Hunger Games is even better the second time through!

When I got home it was 80 and still low humidity. Houston, what is going on? So I enjoyed my first pool day of the Summer. Yes, I'm aware that it's technically winter. But in Houston it's practically Summer 10 months out of the year.

And we finished the weekend off with some of this:

 Kyle went to NOLA for work and brought us back masks and beads.
Who needs em?
Not us!

Adam made a delicious seasoning and garlic butter sauce for the steak. I'm glad he willingly let us rope him into our lives. And Croc brought us homemade chocolate cake from his Mom's bday. AND she made it herself. OMG, I found my older self because I love making my own bday cake too. It's just that other people can't be trusted with such a precious task.

I'm also glad that Adam let us have surprise dance lessons, and Croc kinda got tricked into it. We worked on the pretzel because I still need some help. 

I also worked on it with Croc because I never know what's happening when he tried to pretzel me...I might have it down now, we'll see! And I let Croc flip me. It went surprisingly well. Maybe I'll even let him do that to me in public soon...maybe.
  • "I've already run 5 miles this morning, and I'm about to head to the gym. Does that make you feel Lazy? No? Just think about what Mother Theresa would have accomplished already today. How about now?"
  • "You are being 2011 B right now. Maybe 2012 B's role model should be Mother Theresa." WWMTD.
  • "Yeah probably....not." Croc in response to me saying I'm sure we'll meet his mom someday. Geez, rude!
  • Dessert Ninja
  • "Do I have to show you my boobs for those? Because that's not going to happen." You can tell Kyle is comfortable around us because he doesn't even flinch at most of the things that I/we say anymore.
  • To Brittany regarding the workout plan we made, "Don't let me down, but better yet? Don't let yourself down." Followed by "That totally sounded legit, right?"

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