Hot Chocolate Trafficking

My grandma makes the best hot chocolate...ever. No really, EVER!

When I went home for Christmas (yeah, I know, I thought I had already shared this...but I hadn't) she shared the recipe and mixed up a batch. We filled up two gallon zip lock bags so I could stuff them into my carry-on (I didn't check anything this trip) and get it back to Houston.

Grandma said it looked a little suspicious, so I put the recipe face up in one of the bags so they would see it was hot chocolate. Yeah, because that's convincing? I also tried to reassure her by the fact that I look way to young and innocent to do something like that. But then I realized that may be exactly why I would be a smuggler, because no one would expect it. Crap.

I get to the airport, and as my bag is going through the security scanner, I notice that they stop the conveyor and the security guy calls someone else over there to take a look. I know it's my bag because I'm the only one in the area, so I volunteer the info about how it's hot chocolate mix.

They basically look at me like I'm crazy, which I obviously must be if I'm smuggling hot coco across Texas.

They moved my bag to another area so they could open it up and have a look at the goods. I wish I had a picture, because yeah, my bag did look a little suspicious. But surely people are more sneaky when trying to transport drugs, like they probably don't put it in their carry on. I told him that if he flipped it over he would see the recipe and it's so delicious that I'm trying to take it home. He sniffs the bag and sends it back through the scanner. While he's over there I over hear him tell his security friend that it does smell pretty good and he should write down the recipe. haha.

In the end I made it home with my stash hot chocolate and basically enjoyed it at least twice a day for the next month.

Want the recipe? Check it out here.

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  1. OMgosh, I can't believe you are sharing the recipe. Did you get gramma's permission? I found out she is picky about some of her recipes.

    I hope smugglers aren't reading your blog saying, oh that is a good idea for smuggling bad stuff, just make it smell like chocolate. lol. Just sayin'