Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Why, thank you for sharing creepy mustache man!

While at WWW (Wild West Wednesday) the boys all left to get another drink, so B and I held down the table. Mustache man saw this as the perfect opportunity to put the moves on B.
MM: Hey, you should come boot scootn boogie.
B: I'm not going to because I'm watching the table.
MM: What? Is it going to explode?
me:  Actually our guys are grabbing us another drink, so were holding our table.
MM: (decides to put his arm around B and caress her back) We'll you've had something old, so you should try something new. Variety is the spice of life.
me: (as B looks scared and we notice his friend creepin in the wings to get the ok to come over) Uh, we are here with 4 guys and we keep them on rotation, if you know what I mean.
His face? priceless. You could tell he was trying to decided if I was serious or not. Luckily Adam and Kyle came back at that time, so mustache man fled the scene.
Kyle, April, Adam

Carlyle/Croc/Twilight/Carlilly/whateverwemakeupnext & Kyle
Me & B 

Other notables from the week:
  • When Bri came over on Friday: "So, where are we going to put the bunk beds?"
  • "Hi, Have you met me? No? My name is Momma Bear and I will claw your eyes out." - B
  • Croc's response to why I'm running the Woodlands 5k and not half marathon, "You do know that you need to train for that, right?" I know it's shocking that I actually have hobbies and do stuff like, uh, run. I am more than just heart hands you know.
  • "I can feel you resisting" - Kyle on my ability to follow...I swear I'm working on it.
  • Leap day came and went and I managed to not propose to anyone. How did I let this glorious opportunity slip by?
  • Your butt was out.
  • "Are you a good dancer? Can you pretzel?" Well, tonight I have a 50% success rate. Yeah, this lead to a major fail on my part...I absolutely can not pretzel if you don't start it off by holding both of my hands. The second you break lose and expect me to find it behind your back is the second shi gets cray.
  • This is the last season of OTH (yes, it's still on). And it has been rocking my world! with the Clay thing, at first I was like "OMG. Clay gave his baby up for adoption and never told his OTH friends." Then I was like "OMOTH! Clay had a baby, blocked that info our of his memory from the trauma of his wife dying, and it turns out it's that super cute kid he's been flying airplanes with?!?"
  • OTH again - Dan has earned my redemption. I love him when he's in crime solving mode. Julian, "what's next?" Dan - "I'm going back to prison." He's so hard core! After all, he did kill his own brother. That's an OG fo sho. And I'm surprised that they haven't even brought that up this season! They usually throw the Keith card around any chance they get. (this was obvs written before last weeks ep).
  • OTH - last one - The ep preview where it's all, "and now the only person they can always count on is back" and they are talking about Lucas...Hold the meffing phone. He can be counted on to 1. cheating on his gf, 2. never putting the needs of the girl he is with first, 3.leaving the show because he wants more money, and then not really doing much since then, 4. looking like a hobo. Lucas Scott, you were not missed!
  • BPBrian was having a rough time on the shoulders track since he had worked them out already that day, so I gave him a "You can do it Brian!" He said, "Thank you. I really need that sometimes." And that? is why Jes and I are front row status!


  1. You seriously have the funniest adventures, haha we have them on rotation if ya know what I mean.....hilarious!! :)

  2. I have heard a lot of lines, but never those. lol