Is This Russian For Engagement Chicken?

If so? Then I DO!

Marina invited the girls to come out to the country for some crawfish and country dancin Saturday night. I had the rodeo run that morning, was pretty beat, and don't like crawfish, so I come out later for the dancing. I put my best country outfit on and made the 45min drive out to Baytown/Crosby/I have no idea, but it was country. Everyone else kinda bailed on the plans, so it was me, Marina, her hubs, and BFF. Luckily they are all pretty cool, so it was a good time.

I know, what a creepy myspace pic. Deal with it!

We met at Stevie's house and took back roads to Rowdy Bucks - the most country bar I have ever been to. It was almost like something out of Sweet Home Alabama. There isn't anything wrong with being country, but I'm not country. I am from Canyon, TX, a small town in the panhandle, but I wasn't raised country. I don't hunt, fish, shoot guns, have too much of an accent, and am just now getting reaquanted with country dancin. (Yes, I do the Texan thing where I end my words with 'in' instead of 'ing,' whatever), I'm not that familiar with Texas Country music, and I don't live on a ranch/farm. Anyway, I did feel a little out of place, but it was still a great night! One thing, I forgot that once you leave the city you can smoke inside bars, so my eyes were on fire and I basically smelt like an ashtray when I left. Delicious.

BUT at the end of the night one girl told me I was the cuttest thing she had ever seen and that I was a pretty good dancer (no she wasn't coming on to me, she was with a boy). BOOM! I have mastered the basic country dance and art of apearing country!

Get in my belly!
I stayed the night with Marina because I would probably fall asleep at the wheel making the drive back at 2am. I woke up about 7a the next day and took myself to breakfast on my way home.
Sunday Night Dinner notable moments:
  • I don't remember what we were talking about, but Kyle called it a dinner date. I said something about how it's funny you should call it that because the boys don't know, but last week was actually a double date, and we thought it was the same thing this week, but then y'all showed up, so I figure we'd just go with it! Everyone's face (except for neighbor Adam's) was like WTF?
  • Croc was pointing out our BJ on the wall to the two that hadn't been over before. And you could tell that they didn't really know what to think of it. So I told them that this was BJ house, but we don't give BJs away as initiation the first time you visit or anything.
  • OMG, did you just propose. I didn't even make the engagement chicken tonight because I was saving it for someone else.
  • I made these for work. Seriously delicious!

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