Pole 1.4

Only half of the class showed up tonight. It was nice not having to take turns!

For our floor work we learned the 'sleeping beauty.' You start on the ground and sit up by leading with your chest. I can't do it. At all.

Since we have learned a few spins we did pole circuits so teacher could make sure we are on the up-and-up.

We did the Fireman, One Leg Fireman, and Spiral. My body was cooperating today and I did a pretty good job at all of them. duh.

Then we each took a pole and learned a new spin: The Chair. I.Hate.It. I was having the trouble of committing to the spin. I don't know why. What? Worst case scenario my arms decide not to hold me and I fall. Not that big of a deal since I'm not inverted. A few times I told myself not to be such a baby. That only kinda helped. Given the option I'll opt out of that one for life. Doesn't help that I pole burned my arms and hands more on this spin than any other. What.evs.

Other than that we just went over the dance again, and again, and again. And when you thought we were done, we did it one.more.time. I was so hot a sweaty that my shoes become a hazard to my health. Yes, I remembered my heels this time.

Oh, and here's one of the souvenirs I got from class:
That's the inside of my left calf. The lines are from my heels catching my leg during spins. ouch! And the bruise is from my leg sticking to the pole instead of sliding around it. WTF. I had that bad boy for over a week. 

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  1. I'm caught up! Whew. I'm wondering if your bruises are back after last night's 2.1 PLT?!