The Life And Death Of Wild West Thursday

Our first Wild West Thursday was a hit for most of us. Some crocadille tears may have been shed by someone because it was pretty empty. Yeah it was sad not to people watch, but I'm not there find a man, so I loved having more room to dance! Apparently the guys think they need to meet ladies because B & I aren't providing the kind of companionship they are looking for. Whatever. I figure we are just grooming them for when they find a special lady. You know, keeping them socialized.
Mandy, Me, B
After work I went to the park to get in some miles in my new insoles…that I hate. Thanks to the structure of my ankle bones I over pronate so the longer miles give me trouble and I'm always up to try something new (insoles, shoes) to remedy this. So I got fitted at the Woodlands race expo and finally got them in the mail. First off, they were wayyyy over correcting me so I was under pronating. I already roll my ankle enough as it is, so that was just a disaster waiting to happen. I took off a piece of them so they would sit better. They still felt like they were pushing a little bit too much and made my shoes feel too full. Whatever. I took them for a run and I just don't know how I feel about them. Like all new things, they gave me a nice sizable blister on my arch.

Anyway, I went home, bathed, and iced my shins while watching The Vampire Diaries (OMG. So Good. Glad you got a haircut Damon.). I pep talked myself into getting off the couch and meeting everyone at WW. Even though I was super tired the next day it was totes worth it.

Jonathan & Mandy (P.S. Thanks for the pictures B!)
Mandy & Jonathan even came out! Yay! Jonathan taught me the waltz, and like most things, I owned it. Since there weren't as many people we didn't have to bob and weave on the dance floor. Croc had some of his friends meet up and I'm pretty sure we should have been paid a babysitting fee. Croc was drinking it up so he was spinning in circles more than usual when we danced. The usual is pretty intense, but this was like riding on the Himalaya (Wonderland throwback). When we stopped I felt like maybe I had been drinking and didn't realize. But I don't mind, as long as he doesn't mind when I stumble around and trip when he spins and dips me. BTW, totally mastered whatever dip he does with me...now if I could just make it look more graceful.
Croc, Me, B, Adam
I am all about WWTR fo lyfe, but I am def getting some push back from some of the boys. I don't think they understand how this friendship thing works. We vote on things, majority rules (and I'm always the majority), then you fall in line. It's not that hard!
Kidding, only kind of. I motioned that we compromise by switching of Wednesday and Thursdays. Whatevs.

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