Sushi Chef, Level:Expert

B & I have been trying to take the RA Sushi 101 class since last September, so we were elated when I got the email about the next one AND it worked with our schedule (Sorry you got cut out this day, BodyPump). AND it happened to fall on our two month working together anniversary.

The weather was groggy, and honestly, it wasn't an emotionally good day for me so I was kinda grumpy when we left. But I pulled it together once we got in the car and turned up the music!

We were so excited...and then we had to use sticky rice. Luckily B and I balance each other. For example, when she's freaking out about how she can't maneuver the rice and dropping the f bomb (fun, duh!) I have the ability to stay extra calm and keep it extra fun...and them give up and just kinda work the rice for her a bit.

Once we mastered plastering the rice to the seaweed paper, we were golden. The second roll was super easy and delicious.

 Yeah, my hands were covered in the rice so I kinda missed the next step...

I was basically starving when we got to RA so I ate all of my edamame, my first & second roll, and almost all of B's second roll too. She wasn't going to eat it and it was delicious so I couldn't let it go to waste. I was so full of that deliciousness that I didn't eat again until I had dinner with S + J after 9p.

After Sushi we got our nails did. The lady asked me if I wanted the extra callous treatment, and I turned her down. She looked at me like I was crazy. What? I worked hard for those and if she took them off, my feet would blister like crazy when I ran. Anyway, I was inspecting my feet after, and I'm not really sure what she was talking about because I couldn't really spot any callouses...whatevs.

While I was waiting for my nails to dry, B got a smoothie and fed it to me. One of the ladies saw and gave us a weird look because B would say "here it comes" in her baby voice as she put the straw in my mouth. She's such a good Momma Bear...sometimes.


  1. Aunt Kyle11.4.12

    You make your life fun!! I really enjoy reading your blogs!

  2. I would DIE if I had a sushi training place. I've eaten at RA in Scottsdale and it was AH-mazing. Sadly (as I'm sure you're shocked) Seminole has no place to get my sushi on. I will drive 80 miles to eat sushi, but I most definitely need to learn how to make it!!

    P.S. You look like a sushi pro!