Married Friends

Saturday night was all about my married friends.

My first stop was Cole & Brittany's place. Britt's family was in town, so I really couldn't pass up the opportunity to see them. Carla and Lacie are so much fun. I also got to see Emma! We hung out, chatted, and played Fruit Ninja on the Xbox Kinnect. Best.Game.Ever. I really sucked it up on my first go around, so Carla razzed me a bit. But then I started to own it. On one go around I was doing pretty good and getting all kinds of good slices, so I had to throw in a "that's what you get for making fun of me earlier, Carla." Naturally I chopped through a bomb and blew myself up at the end of that sentence. Oh well.

I had a video of Carla playing, but my phone is refusing to upload or email it. She lucked out this time!

Next stop? S+J's place, duh. I had only seen them twice this week, and that obviously isn't enough, so I crashed their Saturday night. And by crash, I mean totally enhanced it in all ways positive! They have been remodeling their kitchen and it looks awesome! Naturally. Everything Jes does is awesome (sw love xx). I am honored that I got to share in the first meal with the new oven. I totally should have snapped a picture of the oven because it's the bomb! I literally hugged it the first time I saw it. Such a beauty! Anyway, Jes whipped up some chicken fried chicken in the oven, (Yes, I am aware that's not fried. I explained to her that's baked breaded chicken. And she told me she doesn't know how to fry stuff? Say what?!?), corn, rolls, and a delish salad.

S asked what we wanted to watch, we said New Girl, he said not again. Dang. So we watched a little bit of Speed then an ep of East Bound and Down (so stupid, but funny too).

She said I could have a sleepover in the Lawson suite (which I'm campaigning for it to become the Aragon suite, but whatevs). But I had plans for an early morning run, so figured I should get home.

**When I was telling Henry about my weekend and hanging with the marrieds he asked me if I ever felt left out since I'm not married. WHO does that?

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