That Time I Won And Lost $100

Marc came to Houston for a Wedding (no, not ours). B knew this meant she wouldn't be seeing much of me because Jes always kidnaps me when he's in town. It is kidnapping if I don't resist? Hmmm....

Thursday Jes stood me up for our post jam cardio sesh and I was super disappointed because the elliptical is no fun alone. It had been a rough day (not because of that) so when we had a miscommunication about dinner I decided to just call it a day and stay home. I attempted to watch Vampire Diaries (back after a month's break!!!) but ended up falling asleep on the couch...I guess the late Wednesday night caught up to me.

Friday after work B & I picked up our packages from the office (yay for new running tights and insoles!) and caught up on the latest OTH ep. (you will forever be loved, despite that one time you killed your brother, Dan Scott.)
Dear Dan, you were extra bad ass and funny this season. Way to go out like a champ. xoxo,Jes

For dinner S, J, Marc, and I went to Underbelly. The food was alright, especially the skirt steak, but the boys were really disappointed that they were out of 3 of the 4 main courses (Marc chipping his tooth probably didn't help his experience). I wasn't too jazzed about pork belly or lamb, so I didn't cry about it. Henry & Paul were there with some friends and they were probably a little shocked that I was on a date with someone other than B. Hopefully this will help to confirm that we are not secret lovers after all! Marc and Jes finished out dinner with a debate over putting out positive energy and not being so hard on the restaurant...or something. I don't know, I think I took a nap because it went on for so long.

Then off to Boondocks. It was about midnight at this point and the place was like a ghost town. Where was everyone at? I always have a great time at Boondocks even though I'm not really into their music selection. Jes loved it (it's one of her fave places) so she busted out some signature dance moves.

Saturday the boys were kind enough to buy us outfits for St. Patty's day. They really out did themselves when they took us to the thrift store. I was wearing a black 80s dress with a green sash around the waste, Jes rocked a strapless green bridesmaid dress, while S+Marc wore coordinating green shirts and shorts. S looked a little thug life.

Sweet get up Steven. (and thanks for letting me jack your picture).
We rolled up to the crawfish boil and Jes was shocked that no one else was dressed crazy. Really Jes? We got strange looks, but whatev. Jes and I played darts and I barely won. I hadn't really played before so this was quite the task.

Next up was me v Steven. He was beating me so bad that I wanted to quit (not always a good loser). He got a little cocky about it and bet me $100 that I couldn't come back and beat him. Not only that, but anytime he hit something that I didn't have yet, I would get credit. Those were pretty good odds for him because he needed about two more hits and I needed more than half. I think you see where this is going. I beat him and it was the sweetest victory I've had in a while! S was so pissed. I was pretty kind about it (except when I wrote BOOM BITCH! on the score board).

Oh that's right, about the title of this post...S told Marc about my awesome victory, so he challenged me to double or nothing. I told him it wasn't that serious because I'm not claiming to be good, but whatevs. In the shortest game of the day he beat me so bad that a part of me died. But I tried to take it like a champ.

We went home, Jes and I showered and got ready to meet up with B in midtown. We made it a block from the house when Steven said something about renting a movie and Jes and I agreed so fast I think we gave him whiplash. So we became an old married couple and had a sw (sister wives) movie night. J got out voted so we rented Immortals. I watched about 20min of that then woke up on the couch with Jes around 11p. Thanks for leaving us there S! So then I moved to the spare room and left Jes on the couch. haha. I figure she made it to to bed eventually because she wasn't on the couch when I woke up.

When I was getting ready to head home the next day Jes ordered pizza. She makes it wayyy too easy to be talked into staying. We chilled and I finally returned home that afternoon for Sunday dinner, before returning back to S+J for another movie night.

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