Our Last WWW

(The following events took place on March 14..my posts are just really delayed...because I'm lazy)

Because we are moving it to Thurdays!

This Wednesday B and I had plans to watch a vie (very important episode) of OTH. Well, that changed once I showed up to the gym and I was invited to dinner with S+J and Marc. I tried to say no since I had plans with B, but I obviously couldn't resist. I was a little nervous breaking the news to my little krumpet, but once I told her Marc was in attendence, she was alright with it.

Wednesday's are always great, but this was above and beyond because S+J and Marc joined us at Wild West!
  • "BTDubs, you were awesome last night on the dance floor. Not that you aren't always fun to dance with Jes, but it was awesome nailing the pretzel with you, especially with how crowded it was. " - Adam (Yes, I just direct quoted you from an email.)
  • That awkward moment when you are dancing to Foot Loose and the whole dance floor turns it into a line dance...that you don't know...so they keep bumping into you as you dance like a fool.
  • Eatting J+S's wedding cake...a week and a half after it was thawed out. Still tastes good, but probably not a good idea.
  • Steven and Marc made dinner. Steak and asparagus. My fave. I wonder if they knew that? Anyway, it was super delish, except I'm pretty sure parts of my steak were pulsing...
  • Did you seriously just say you read the book 'Sperm Wars'
  • Pump filled up before I got there. BUT the membership manager said from now on he'd save me a spot because he knows I'm always there. Please and Thank You!!
  • Speed guy didn't change his shirt once. Weird. Usually he has at least three wardrobe changes.
  • Croc and I lost contact during a spin. His facial expression was like he lost my hand and I plummited to me death off a clif. Mine was probably similar. Luckily I'm good at the recovery because I mess up a lot so it didn't look too crazy.
  • Great Improvising - is what Adam calls it when I don't let him lead and do spins he's not spinning.
  • Jes didn't 'spring forward' her car clock so I thought I wasn't doing too bad leaving at 12:30...I got tricked.

This was a great Wednsday to kick off the weekend with (errr....maybe a little early, whatevs).

Farewell WWW. You have been a lot of fun but you have left me tired for two days too many. I can't wait to start up WWTR...def not as much fun to say. OR WWWWTR (water wasted wild west Thursdays). Doesn't have the same ring to it.

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