Fake Double Dates Are The Best

I just can't get enough of the weekend. It's usually so calm and peaceful and my motto of "Sorry I'm Not Sorry" reigns supreme. I only do what I want to do and it's just an all around great time!

This weekend consisted of home made pancakes. I.Die. They are so easy and so effing good!

It was new release day at the gym, so you know I was all over that shiz! S+J were there too! BodyPump was hard as hell, but I love the burn. Is this my fave release? No, but it'll do. I followed that up with some cardio time on the bike so I could catch up on some reading. And yes, it is possible to do that and get a good workout. I go hard. Trust.

That evening Jess invited me to Sam's Boat - they were on a crawfish mission since Kam was in town. So naturally I said heck yes because it's almost like I'm going on a double date...except my date was Jess. Don't get cray. It's weird hanging out with Kam because I've been hearing about him for over a year so I feel like I know him and we're friends...even though I didn't really meet him unil my last NY trip in Feb.

After Sam's we had a time out so they could pick up Chaz from the groomer and I hit up the grocery store.

They picked me up an hour later and we headed to Bohemes. It was a cute bar type place. The food smelt good so we are def going to have to go back to try some. We got a place on the back patio and had a few drinks and J and I split a cake pop (there was only one left). Great time, good laughs.

It was time for some late night food so we got some Pho. Who knew real food places were still open at midnight? I had never had Pho before, and probably never will again. Jes and I split some chicken friend rice. I requested they add tomatoes. The waiter looked at me as if I had asked for baby brains, told me it wouldn't taste good, so instead he'll give me tomatoes on the side. Actually sir, do you really wanna know what doesn't taste good? Uncooked tomatoes in my rice. Thanks, but no thanks. Can I just get the food the way I want it? Either way, it was delish, even though it was missing something...like tomatoes. Thai Kitchen serves it this way, so it can't be that freaktastic.

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