Weekend Friend Upgrade

B's next Bday celebration kicked off our three day weekend!

We went to Cyclone Anayas (party of 30 please!), Hugh's Hanger (Jager bombs...minus the bomb), and ended the night at Roosevelt. It was a great time!

Taffs, Kat, McCall and I were in the bathroom when two girls started fighting. I used my body to protect Kat & MC while Taffs broke up the fight. Team work! The night was full of dancing, shenanigans, shots, and piggy back rides. All ingredients for the perfect bday celebration.

Friday morning I crawled in bed with Brittany and she put Taffs on speaker phone so we could do our morning after recap sesh. I miss the days of Taffs being on our couch the next morning; it was way easier to go over the highlights back then. Next stop? Food...after I basically forced B out of bed. There for a sec I really thought I was going to have to dress her myself.

We had breakfast at The Egg & I. The master controls for the temp, lights, and volume were on the wall above our table. I did turn up the volume a few notches before we left. What? I was just trying to keep the party going!

I spent the rest of the afternoon supervising Jes while she worked on prices for MC's wedding invitations. Jes and I were discussing babies and how she'll be reincarnated and come back as my child (this is all dependent on who I have babies with) when Steven came in. I think this further confirmed his beliefs that we are both weird. Since he was finally home from a long day of golf, we started discussing food, but had to wait for Jes to finish the invoice before we could take action. I had no idea how long this beginning process of the invitations took. No wonder she's always so busy as a stay at home Jes. Anyway, my lack of sleep started to wear on me so I cuddled up with Mac and took a nap. Steven thought it was weird that I cuddled my computer, but I love him (Mac). It was a slightly odd sleeping position. Since both long ends of the couch were taken I curled into fetal position around Mac, and to keep my feet up I just wound my finger around the shoelace of my bottom leg. It was surprisingly comfortable but short lived. We headed to Smash Burger for dinner. "Do you like to Smash? Do You like Burgers? Then You'll love Smash Burger." - Steven. I was a little grouchy so I was openly hating on more things than usual like the crap fries and the overly greasy burger. The burger tasted alright, but when my hands are a little greasy from eating it, I'm not likely to suggest coming back. BUT the oreo milkshake was the bomb! Thanks Steven for sharing...even though I didn't ask before having some.

Next Steven dropped us off at Studio Movie Grill to see (drum roll) Titanic in 3-D! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!! It was almost as good as the first time. I probably drove Jes crazy the way I was quoting along (I was a little rusty), humming the songs, and saying "This is my fave part!" on almost every part. I loved it! Even though I knew how it would end (Duh. I saw it back in 6th grade) I was still really sad and shed a few tears when Jack died. Oh and Jes and I had an interesting convo while waiting for the movie to start (Yeah, I know that's vague...but it's more for my memory reference than anything).

It was a great Good Friday. I was so happy to have a bonus day to my weekend and to spend it somewhere other than on my couch! Yay for not being overly lazy!

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