Florence + The Machine

This whole week has been a little stressful, but I've managed. And then today happened.  Between stress and hormones the perfect storm was brewing. ick. Most of the time if my feelings get hurt or if someone is irritating me I can just brush it off and not give attitude in return. Not today. Today was one of those "Do you know what I hate today...other than everything?" days. Well, not until after lunch. I may have also had a mini cry sesh. That was awkward.

Daniel sent me this which made me laugh.

I was already pretty stoked about F+TM, but even more so since I had rage flowing through my veins. Jess picked me up from work and we shared a nice dinner at Ziggy's. I had never been, but it was pretty legit. We shared the spinach artichoke dip and the spa salad - because I know you were dying to know. I filled her in on my day and what had me raging. I love when I tell someone something and they give me shock face at all the right moments. Jes did this to perfection today. I'm so glad we were on the same page. It made me feel more sane.

We headed to the concert, got some souveniers, and unwanted attitude from the girls by us in line. She's pretty lucky I didn't throw some bows attitude her way. And then it was time for Flo...after whoever that was that opened.

She came on and it was like the heavens parted and rained down peace, fluff, candy, and pure joy. She was everything I had wanted/expected and more. She sounds even better live than she does on the CD. So in love right now.

I basically feel in love with Flo the first time I heard Cosmic Love. It was used in The Vampire Diaries campaign back in 2010. That is one of my all time favorites! We got to the end of the concert and she didn't play it. I was really dissapointed..but it was part of her two song encore! My night was complete.

Her singing voice is so strong and powerful, it was weird to hear her speaking voice the way it was so soft and delicate.

Great concert. I will def go see her again!

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