That Awkward Moment

Life has been full of awkward moments lately, which isn't really out of the ordinary... So naturally, I would love to share them with you!

That Awkward Moment When:

  • you are curling your hair before you get dressed and you drop your curling iron. That was the most painful burn of my life. (Always get dressed first!)
  • you realize you might have been friend dumped...twice...in one weekend...
  • the boy you like hurts your feelings for the first time. Turns out it was a misunderstanding and he didn't even realize you were being rude back (or so he claims). Which leads to:
  • you apologize for being rude, and the other person thought you were being regular sarcastic and not  rude sarcastic. 
  • you write about Marc, and then stop to wonder if he ever reads your blog, then realize you can't be bothered with those thoughts, so you try to tone it down but post it anyway.
  • Ryan tells the BP class not to be afraid to take the front row...when he knows you & Jess are always in the front so you give him the stink eye.
  • you give Ryan the stink eye for trying to give your spots away, and then he announces to everyone that you both just gave him a death glare.
  • someone takes his advice and spot jacks you the next class. WTF Dude? You were already on the front, just on the end. And you've been here for a few weeks so I know that you know that's my spot. What kind of shit are you trying to pull? (I may be a little anal about this, but I've been in the same spot since August, and Jess is always on my right, so it just feels weird when I stand somewhere else. I don't like change.)
  • you call Daniel on his work number and open with "Yes, Mr.Sharp, I'm going to need you to engineer some shit for me." And it turns out you were on speaker phone.  
  • B comes home early and you are on the couch barley wrapped in a blanket...and only in a blanket.
  • the gym owner might have caught you checking out one of his employees that was changing in the parking lot. (What? Who doesn't like eye candy?)
  • you turn down the invite to the Belmont Stakes because you are going to a concert that weekend, then Marc questions you about it and you don't know the album or song titles so he thinks you are lying. 1. I don't lie. 2. i just don't pay attention to the details - I didn't say they were my all time favorite, just that I really liked them.
  • You realize that you do like One Direction and want to go to the concert but it's sold out because you mocked the pre-sale email you got and deleted it straight away. They got me.
What's the most awkward moment you've experienced or witnessed lately?


  1. That moment of haziness right after you wake up from a long night out for a friend's birthday and realize it is 10:30 AM and you were suppose to meet other badass friends at 8:30 AM for an urban market shopping spree that you PROMISED you would NOT be late for..... Horribly awkward!

    I also had a moment of sarcastic rudeness when I took what someone said too personally when they were actually just joke-flirting.. oops! It happens!

    One last awkward moment (even though my list goes on and on..) When you call the president of your company by a ridiculous nickname... ‘Bob’ somehow transformed into ‘Bobo’ as in, “Hey Bobo, I need to ask you a quick question about this building detail…” such an awkward silence…

    … why do I always feel like I am apologizing lol

  2. Ha! This post had me crackin girl!

    Most awkward moment I've had lately was after I bought 23902 books from the used book store and smelled one in the elevator with a smile on my face (i love used books) and the guy in the elevator with me looked at me and said 'that's disgusting'.


  3. Amanda - at first I didn't read your name and I was thinking that story sounded really familiar! haha.

    Kelsey - I could def see myself in the same situation! I think the situation was awkward because he doesn't like the smelling books, not that he caught you doing it!